Campaign Goals

The Campaign includes five important goals to provide students an even better Humboldt experience and the tools to change the world. You can be a part of it.

1 Expand Access

Expand scholarship support and funding for needs like housing and educational technology to provide a positive, meaningful educational experience for all.

Goal: at least $20 million

Expanding Access

2 Support Hands-on Learning

Build on our strength in this area by providing even moreavenues for experiential learning through internships, fieldwork, research-based projects, creative activities, and more.

Goal: at least $15 million

Support Hands-on Learning

3 Create a Tech-Forward Campus

Invest in cutting-edge technology to optimize the Humboldt experience for all students and in all disciplines.

Goal: at least $5 million

Create a Tech-Forward Campus

4 Enhance the Academic Experience

Introduce new and innovative academic programs, enhance existing programs, and integrate elements of equity and sustainability throughout the curriculum. Ensure our graduates are career-ready and prepared to make a positive impact on California and the world.

Goal: at least $5 million

Enhance the Academic Experience

5 Act for Equity

Focus energy and resources on inclusive student success. Create a model global community, with equitable opportunities for all, both on campus and in the wider world.

Goal: at least $5 million

Act for Equity