Act for Equity

The time for
equity is now.

At Cal Poly Humboldt, we know the strength and power of diversity Humboldt students and graduates have a long history of embracing their role in promoting social responsibility.

Our commitment to inclusive student success is essential to all we do. We consider our designation as a Hispanic-and Minority-Serving Institution both an honor and a solemn call—to uplift our students, to give them the opportunity to be successful on campus and in their careers, and to eliminate the equity gap in student retention and graduation. Our graduates will have the knowledge and skills to lead equity efforts in their professions and communities.

Examples of Funds to Support

NAS Lab Fund

Your gift to this fund will support the Native American Studies (NAS) Food Sovereignty Lab. College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)

The purpose of this Lab is to support the resurgence of Indigenous food sovereignty and traditional ecological and cultural knowledges to build better futures for our planet. It will open up a space at Humboldt for ongoing research that focuses on community engagement and generates knowledge about some of the most pressing social, environmental, and economic issues facing our students, communities, and the world.

Give to the NAS Lab Fund

Oh Snap! Student Food Programs

Your gift to this fund will support Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs, which helps increase access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food for all students and raises awareness of student food insecurity. Academic Affairs.

Give to the Oh Snap! Student Food Programs

Student Disability Resource Center

Your gift to this fund will provide general support to the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) and help with current needs and priorities. Enrollment Management (EM).

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Social Equity & Accountability (SEA) Scholarship

Your gift to this fund will support retention of student-athletes at Cal Poly Humboldt. Athletics.

Give to the Social Equity & Accountability Scholarship