Campaign Leadership

Campaign Cabinet

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips ‘91
Campaign Chair

“This is about stepping up and supporting young people. There’s just so much energy and so much passion behind this, and everyone I talk to can see the possibilities and the impact we can have. At the end of the day, we’re going to have something pretty special here.”

Cal Poly Humboldt
Foundation Board

Robin portrait in sepia tone

Robin Smith '78
Board Chair

“Giving to Cal Poly Humboldt is about supporting a university that develops the whole student, that helps students find their passions and become the best they can be. The wisdom and lessons learned during my time at Humboldt continue with me to this day. I learned so much and am very appreciative of that.”

Philip Anton ‘98
Vice Chair

Carin Kaltschmidt ‘90
Vice Chair

Jack McGurk ‘66
Vice Chair

Robin Smith ‘78
Vice Chair

Cabinet Members

Robin Bailie ‘11
John Ballard ’80
Ed Bowler ‘79
Ceva Courtemanche ‘07
Jacob Furgatch ‘82
Sherie Cornish Gordon
Jenny Harris
Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr.
Cooper Jones
Amine Khechfé, Parent
Robert Miller, ‘85
Rebecca Pardoe ‘93
Barbara Perry-Lorek, Parent
Sharon Redd
Dan Sealy ’75
Robin Venuti ‘79
Frank Whitlatch

Jack McGurk ‘66
Vice Chair

Jason Carlson

Frank Whitlatch
Executive Director & Secretary

Board Members

Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr. - Cal Poly Humboldt President
Eden Donahue ‘09 - Faculty Representative
Jenny Harris - Past Board Chair
Philip Anton ‘98
Robin Bailie ‘11
Kurt Fraese ‘82
Kenneth Fulgham ‘70
Carin Kaltschmidt ‘90
Jennifer Keller